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Updated July 23, 2022 2:23 pm

Can we have some fun with the idea of entanglement?

We are talking the entanglement in physics. This is a fun site right? This isn't rocket science....

Hold it, yes, it is rocket science, or some sort of science. Even those smart people engage in speculation.


Getting To It

July 22, 2022

We have these three states of physics phenomenon.


With E=MC2 there is no thought part.
C= The Speed of Light
M= Mass
E= Energy


Where's the THOUGHT?

Physicists have discovered the entanglement of matter and energy. We are Waiting for them to discover entanglement of thought. If you check out ‘double-slit experiments’ with photons, then you can learn more and go down that physics Rabbit-Hole if you like. This might be a good place for one to start.

Brief Explanation of Physics Entanglement

Electrons surround the nucleus an atom to the extent that there are the same number of electrons as there are protons in the nucleus. That is what makes the atom neutral as far as the number of positive and negative physical particles go, electrically neutral that is. Two atoms can share an electron, or more specifically, a pair of electrons. If they share then that would be called a covalent bond and that makes a molecule. Certain physics rules apply with atoms and the number of electrons that can be in each shell around the nucleus. You’ll have to get back to your high school physics for that. There is lots of information online now on all that.

Somehow those electrons are connected to the nucleus in a way not fully understood as yet. They can absorb energy and jump up a level from one shell to another. They would absorb a specific packet of energy and it can be calculated. If they jump back down they must give up that energy. They give it up by emitting a photon of energy. Now here is where the spooky part comes (That is Einstein’s comment.)

Simplification: Atoms have a spin. Photons have a spin. If a photon comes off an atom via that route described above, then it remains connected to that atom somehow. Thus, if you know the spin of the atom then you also know the spin of the photon. That is not the spooky part though. The spooky part is that if you contain the photon and atom then manipulate one, the other also moves. If you put one in a car and ship it across the country the connection is maintained and you can still manipulate one by manipulating the other. This is called Entangled. It is like if you have a left hand glove and you transport its right hand partner across the country then flip the left hand glove over, the right hand glove also flips itself over even though there is no physical connection. That is the spooky part.

Physicists can entangle:

  • A photon with a photon
  • An atom with a photon,
  • A group of atoms.

We are waiting for them to entangle thought (maybe memories too). And that brings us to dreams.


We see that photons can be split and end up entangled with each other.

Also, if one stimulates an atom that atom takes a higher state of energy and then spontaneously falls back to its ground state and thus, liberates energy in the form of Photons (LASER). The electrons do that jumping right? What one finds is that the spin of the atom is entangled with the spin state of the photon that is liberated.

Implication: If you know the spin state of the atom then you automatically know the spin state of the photon. For instance if you find a right-hand glove somewhere then you automatically know that there is a left hand glove somewhere.

And recent research has shown that multiple atoms can be entangled.


Now to Thought

July 18, 2022

Let's now propose that thought, human or lower animal form, can also be entangled. Thus, our thoughts can be read by someone/something, many light years away. Technology in this field would be mind boggling indeed. Perhaps dreaming has some connection with somewhere else, for instance, a totally cloned world.

July 21, 2022

In our Earth based physics we see that when we stimulate an atom the electron(s) rise up to a new energy level based on the energy level structure of the atom. They take on only a specific packet of energy to rise up a specific amount (the quanta). The atom then spontaneously assumes its ground state thereby liberating the gained energy as a packet (a photon). [This is the LASER effect.] The spin of the liberated photon is connected with the spin of the atom in some as yet unforeseen way such that if you know the spin of one then you immediately know the spin of the other. This phenomenon has been given the name entanglement some half century or so ago.

Then physicists entangled an atom with another atom. Then they entangled a group of atoms.


This all implies that ALL light, regardless of the source, is always entangled with something and it implies that ALL LIGHT is LASER light.



The next step is two fold.

a. Entangle thoughts (memories)

b. While at the same time work on controlling the entanglements so that:

A. It becomes an information sharing system

B. The system can span the distance between galaxies regardless of how far apart they might be. 



This information system would share data learned in one world with data in another world. That may be the purpose of what we call dreaming.



One might postulate that ALL suns are laser producing factories. In order to make the communication system one needs to gain physical matter entangled with the light given off by that sun. Does that mean we have to somehow get physical matter OUT of the sun? Well... yes.


Dark Matter

Maybe dark matter is just the garbage dump of the universe (or Multiverse)? Maybe all worlds are having the same problem,, what to do with the garbage? One would want the garbage dump working in perpetuity. One would want certain intelligent life forms MANAGING the dump. Thus, maybe our universe is the garbage dump of many Multiverses and we are the custodians. LOL Cool thought. The galaxies are set to accelerate away from each other by design so that they never revert to a closed system and recycle themselves as that would liberate the garbage. However, now with this new James Webb Space Telescope the mathematicians maybe have to rework their numbers after the discovery of so many more galaxies and maybe down size the amount of dark matter? Without accurate numbers it is difficult to manage things right?


Three States of Physical Phenomena

Back to reality now. The three states we would work with would be atoms, photons and thoughts. We haven't arrived at a thought particle yet though.

Finding the harmonized atoms and linking them with their harmonized photons would be a technical issue. Thought comes into the picture in that why would thought not also be entangled and thus, able to be harmonized, or at least its harmonized state discovered? By harmonized I mean in a physics harmonic structure. If that were discovered then one might be able to connect to one's harmonized double in the dream state. Who knows....yet. Sorry, stepped away from reality a bit. We want to function within our known realities and leave fiction to the entertainment sector. This web site though is both so...


In Summary
We see that sometimes fiction and physics have a connection. Ok let me find my physics pedigree. It’s around here somewhere. Where is that paper? Ok, another day then. LOL

While you are going to sleep and dreaming, maybe your Entangled clone in another world, another galaxy, another universe, is going to sleep and dreaming the same thing you are. AND, that means... we should have a connection. If there is a connection then we should be able to help our homologue (clone) out by training our dreams to not be scared and use the human thinking brain in the dream.

Although physicists have speculation as part of their mandate, geneticists do not. Theoretical physicists will speculate within a narrow range then offer proof or not. Geneticists are more of the difficult type that stick to the hard evidence based edge of research. Nothing wrong with that. It helps boost their evidence-based model. You see that in this web site we are mixing the hard sciences with the soft sciences. Ah, loosely speaking so, don't send cards or letters please.


July 22, 2022

Is there a weight difference between two identical mercury atoms that might represent a harmonic entanglement separation? AND, how would the centrifuge woork?

What are the parameters of the entanglement fragility?