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Proposal for a New Field of science 5th Dimensional Thought, the Thoton (5th Dimensional Theoretical Science)

September 15, 2023 By Victor Jean Ouellette

I would like to suggest that it is time for theoretical physicists to devote some time toward working through the logistic math of a thought particle. In previous unpublished, private library writings I have speculated on the presence of a Thoton as a particle of thought (human, animal or other). This may be a fourth, or fifth dimensional particle. Math required for this may need to make use of quaternions or possibly even Quintonions (fifth dimensional math) and more.

It occurred to me that an alien race several thousand years more advanced than us, would not monitor us with space-time technology but rather space-time-thought technology or space-time-thought-X technology. The last one would be using 6 dimensional math.

Let's Order Our Terminology

  • The everyday world, the 3 dimensional space world as 3Ds
  • The space-time world as 4Dst
  • The space-time-Thoton world as 5DstT
  • Then extrapolating, 6DstT-X would represent ongoing dimensional worlds with corresponding mathematical structures evermore complex probably requiring quantum computers to keep track of the building complexity.

- - - - - - -


This brings to mind the idea of the hierarchical progression of the brains in the animal world with the Reptiles as the first complex brain with complex stimulus-response survival centers embedded on complex neurology, the mammals as the second complex brain structure with the emotional Limbic System of nerves added as an addition to the former, then the Human brain structure with the complex thinking system of nerves again added as an addition the the former two brains, and then the ???, well, the fourth brain with the even more complex set of nerves with the 5th dimensional connections. Ah, oh, hold on, we haven't seen that yet. Or, at least we don't know of that yet via scientific documentation.

- - - - - - -

Quantum Spin

Let’s also keep in mind that the spins of quantum particles implies an anchor somewhere that is right now beyond our event horizon. This anchoring implies there may be a cyclical nature to this 6D+ structure.

Putting that all aside let’s move onto the premise of this article.


The premise is that if thought is information, and information cannot be lost, then thought must be preserved in some fashion, even idle incidental thought and magical thought. That implies there must be a unit of thought. That unit I have called a Thoton in past writings. Thotons would logically be 'stored' and categorized into a structural hierarchy with plant Thotons at one end, or close to the end, and human thought at the other end, or clcose to the end, with all animal species in between.

Characteristically, imaginary human thought would be subdivided into a hierarchy that serves no useful purpose (other than entertainment and money generation for an elite few like organized magic), and a subdivision that is applicable to the space-time continuum like science is organized. This hierarchical structure would be outside the present event horizon of humans at our stage of development. However, that does not mean we cannot build technology to penetrate that world and extend our event horizon. I will use this forum to post all my previous writings on this Thoton topic.


We should leave a side the notion that if our thoughts can be monitored then they may also be influenced in some format. This brings to mind the scenario that I have written about already in an writings on where the watch dog ‘Spot’ is watching the watchdog who is watching the watchdog. In other words, developing a firewall for a super intelligent AI will be quite challenging when the AI writes its own code and will seek "to go where no man has gone before" to quote a popular expression.