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The Interview Page and Comments

This is the page where interviews with scientific specialists on aging, genetics, lifestyle, and other pertinent topics, will be posted. If you area scientist in a biology department of a university then we would like to hear from you. Just contact us and we will contact you back.

If anyone wishes to leave a comment before we get the scientists lined up then by all means jump right in. What do you think about the Immortality Date? Just contact us and we will contact you back. Or, post in our Blog.

The most important question we ask is, "Can you give us a prediction as to when you think the world will have immortality available to humans?"

Ah,,, we hit a bugaboo. Geneticists do not want to speculate so, they won't comment.

Okay, that is understandable, but this plays right into our scenario that this date will be kept secret and that means it will become knowledge only to the millionaires and billionaires with the money to buy it up and keep it for their own progeny. Thus, the human gene pool begins it's shrinking and we predict that shrinking will occur extremely fast. 

Getting these scientists to talk is highly important for the human race.